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Suite "Protagonist" Suite "Protagonist" Suite "Protagonist" Suite "Protagonist"
Suite "Protagonist"


• 75% cotton 25% elastane

• anatomical bottom

• laces with a gradient effect


• 75% cotton 25% elastane + 50% viscose 20% wool 30% polyester

• double belt with pants worn over sportswear imitation

• lace with a gradient effect

• matte fittings in tone

Name history:

A place of raver style and mother's kitchen. After all, cucumber and mint water was served in Kharkiv only in one place. As well as the world's most delicious pancakes with boiled condensed milk.

Yes, it was a place where a fashion designer comes to eat meatballs with mashed potatoes, and people sit around and discuss art, music, fashion. Everyone is interesting and intrested, all actors and agonists - proto. P r o t a g o n i s t .

You know, I'll leave a link to their insta, because they work! So! The restaurant in the heart of Kharkiv works like this and posts a story about some mysterious borsch without potatoes according to their brand recipe!

When Arestovich is no longer calm, go there)

And I will wait for the first Friday after the victory to put on this costume, because I am sure that they will throw such a party that even all the girls from abroad will return!

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