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Hoodie "'DerzhProm' Hoodie "'DerzhProm' Hoodie "'DerzhProm' Hoodie "'DerzhProm' Hoodie "'DerzhProm' Hoodie "'DerzhProm' Hoodie "'DerzhProm'
Hoodie "'DerzhProm'

• 75% cotton, 25% elastane

• hyperoverse size

• decorative stitching on the chest, back and elbows

• secret pockets

• laces with a gradient effect

• deep hood

Back length: 80

Sleeve length from neck: 88

Volume: 150

Name history:

I don't even know what to highlight, telling what DerzhProm means for a Kharkiv resident. Everyone feels it differently! For some it is a bus stop to work, for some it is a metro station where the university is located, for others it is a place to play chess, and for others it is an incredible world of offices, mazes, stairs, windows and air conditioners. For me, the DerzhProm  industry is a summer evening when you go to an exhibition in Yermilov with friends, the sun sets so red behind the bridge, and you go, drink an espresso tonic from "Pakafuda", and you have no idea that for a few months later, each of you will travel to different cities and countries, fleeing the war.

But if we compare our hoodie and this building, the question - "why?" - disappears immediately.

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